Besides the usual conference contributions of full articles, extended abstracts and poster presentations, Social Simulation 2018 also accepts submissions to the ESSA@work track, which offers participants the opportunity to present their work in progress papers. This is particularly relevant for extended abstract submissions but also possible for full paper submissions. The ESSA@work track is designed for researchers to present problems and questions related to the design, building, verification and/or validation stages of model development. The sessions in this track will have presentations and feedback from the audience like in any other session. However, in each talk there will be two experts and co-ESSA@workers, who will provide in-depth feedback based on the talk and on the papers read beforehand. If you are interested in presenting your ongoing work and participating in a ESSA@work session, you will need to explicitly indicate this when submitting your contribution by checking the ESSA@work track checkbox.

When a paper has been flagged for the ESSA@work track, the author will have two additional days after the conference submission deadline to fill in the ESSA@work application form. The application form will ask for a paragraph (250 words) detailing a problem or specific question that the participant(s) would like to discuss in the ESSA@work session and some information about the author(s) background and skills. This additional text will not be included in the proceedings.

/!\ Note: For ESSA@work sessions the presentation involves communicating problems and questions about a particular model. Additionally every participant has to read a maximum of 2 other ESSA@work contributions and provide feedback during the session.

Best paper award: As of 2018, any full paper submitted and presented during the ESSA@work track by a PhD student can be eligible for the best paper award. The student should also be the first author of the paper. Participants need to indicate their intention to be considered for this award during the paper submission process. **Please note that only full papers will be considered for the best paper award. Extended abstracts cannot be considered for the award.**

Participants may either present at ESSA@work OR in the general conference track but not in both. Submissions that are rejected for ESSA@work BUT accepted for the conference will be scheduled as a regular presentation in the conference. For more information please click here.

Contribution review period

Of those papers that are flagged for ESSA@work AND are accepted for the conference, a selection of papers (max 18) is selected for the ESSA@work tracks. This selection will be based on the clarity and relevance of the questions for the ESSA@work track. Papers that are accepted for the conference but NOT accepted for ESSA@work will be scheduled in the conference as a regular presentation.

ESSA@work presentation selection

Upon acceptance to the Social Simulation 2018 conference, extended abstracts and papers that flagged their interest to present in ESSA@work will be informed whether they are accepted for an ESSA@work session. Accepted papers not scheduled in ESSA@work will be scheduled in a regular conference track.



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