Did you ever feel as the only agent-based modeller in your research institute? Do you wonder whether to use Netlogo or any other ABM platform? Are you struggling with writing your ODD? Do you want to know in which journals you can publish your ABM? Many before you did too… This is why this year, we are again organising this PhD Colloquium especially designed to tackle the questions that you always wanted but never dared to ask!

 The aim of this Colloquium is to have a low entry – which does not imply low level – interactive, single day event for and by PhD students. It will be a unique opportunity for PhD students to speak, practice your presentation, shoot ideas, and ask basic and/or difficult modelling questions in a relaxed atmosphere. You will also have the chance to learn about the review process and off course, to get to know each other! Additionally, we will invite some senior experts in ABM to give you further insights and feedback.


Submissions for the colloquium must be sent to: PhDColloquium2018@gmail.com by the 20th of May 2018  15th of June 2018 in the form of either short or extended abstracts (1-4 pages) in PDF format.

Every student submitting will be asked to review the work of another student. Submissions for the Social Simulation Conference can also be submitted for the Colloquium.


The PhD Colloquium will take place on Monday 20th of August 2018, the 1st day of the Social Simulation Conference 2018 in Stockholm.

We hope to welcome you in Stockholm!


Liu Yang and Michelle Haurand

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