Blue Sky Ideas track

SSC2018 welcomes submissions (full papers, extended abstracts, posters) for the Blue Sky Ideas track.
In addition, submissions are accepted for the Special Tracks and for the ESSA@work track.

Chairs: Giangiacomo Bravo, Melania Borit, Harko Verhagen, Nanda Wijermans
Visionary ideas, long-term challenges, new research opportunities, and controversial debate are at the core of this track. We encourage submissions of innovative, risky, and provocative ideas, which are clearly presented, rigorously developed, and critically reflected upon. Preliminary work or submissions reporting on existing approaches will not be accepted for this track. Accepted papers would reflect on: the use of social simulation and computational social science in solving contemporary challenges; new, forgotten, or underrepresented methodologies and application areas; their potential opportunities and risks; and on the future of the research area and its community within the broader social sciences and computing domains.




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